A unique fragrance ingredients palette

In our model, the producers of natural materials are actively involved, the excellence of soils and ingredients is treated as jewels in the perfume formulation, to such an extent that an in-house “Grand Cru” label has been created for these single qualities: as you may know, “Grand Cru” is the French and internationally known terminology for “great wine vintage”. 

A unique fragrance ingredients palette

The in-house extracts are obtained by working on 3 main parameters:

1. The search for atypical soils and the respect of the “natural” specificity

Our size enables us to work with small producers whose confidential harvests are not adapted to mass production. 

We respect the specificity of annual harvests while refusing standardizing natural extracts: nature is our main treasure. 

We can dedicate a plantation exclusively to a project.

2. A specific work on the plants before the extraction phase 

Drying /ageing (iris or vetiver roots, etc...) 

Fermentation (patchouli, etc...) 

Sequencing the periods of harvest (jasmine, from beginning, mid or end of the harvest) 

3. Expertise in the field of the extraction techniques 

The partnership with a French Research Institute enables us to develop our own natural extracts. 

Our size also enables us to use experimental extraction processes. 

We are in particular committed to keep traditional techniques alive -alcoholic infusions, for example -which the large-scale productions could not preserve.