The Fablab spirit, a place to experiment and share knowledge

We are creating the first “Haute Parfumerie” FabLab, a never-before seen model where the customer and the perfumer are at the heart of the device: a Fablab for the creation of tailor- made perfumes, where the composition of the fragrance with the most refined ingredients is possible from anywhere in the world. Our new structure is both experimental and collaborative: it gathers a community of experts who will manage all the aspects of a perfume project, with a true desire to create differently.

1. The Fablab pioneering spirit!

Beyond the available tools, we offer an open and modern vision of the creative process. This community of resources and competences gathered in a single place is an ideal platform of experimentation for the perfumers and for the brands: fine-tuning the best natural extracts, composing the fragrance and manufacturing the perfume. A rare opportunity, to live and shape the perfume. Body and heart. Completely.

2. The Fablab spirit. experimenting and sharing out for everyone!

Our Fablab allows a true encounter, between our customers and us, between dreams of perfumes and an unlimited mosaic of experts to carry them out... For all the actors of the project, it is a single and enriching experiment. In particular “passionate perfume customers”, amateurs of luxury and refinement, in search for an exclusive unique fragrance, can entirely be immersed in the creative process of their perfume.