A single laboratory in France, controlling both the creation and production process

Around our sourcing set up for valuable natural materials, we have built a laboratory equipped with ultramodern production and analysis instruments, which integrates all the manufacturing stages for a perfume, up to the sealing of the bottle. Manufacturing will be 100% handled in our Atelier.  Made in France! 

1. From the plant to the perfume: 

Our palette of ingredients, interfaced with an expert computer program, makes it possible for the independent perfumers of the world to compose the formula from wherever they want to. The strict selection of raw materials is supported by the attention paid to each stage of manufacturing: formula weighing, maturation, maceration, chilling, filtration, bottling, sealing and packaging are carried out in-house. 

We have, in particular, integrated the critical phases of maturation, maceration and chilling, since they are qualitative major parameters in the production of a perfume: optimizing these steps enables us to obtain an irreprochable perfume impact. Those final adjustments can be compared to the refine laces finishing techniques for the Haute Couture. 

2. Our equipment for production & quality control fulfills the highest quality standards

A software dedicated to the perfume creation and production management enables us to ensure control and traceability all along the supply chain from the first steps of creation until the bottled perfume delivery. 

Regarding the quality assurance, we dispose of the most recent equipment to carry out the quality control from the raw materials to the delivery of the finished perfume, in-house manufactured: tools both for physical/chemical and chromatography/mass spectrometry analysis. A senior expert controls our production and quality activities.