The amateurs of rare perfumes

For the private persons, amateurs of rare perfumes of the world
Our tool makes it possible to create fragrances differently: create one’s own olfactory jewel, and discover the perfume “backstage” world.
Life opportunities abound: wedding, anniversary, graduation ... joy!
Contribute to the creation of your own tailor-made perfume, step by step, working closely with a renowned perfumer. 
Once the formula is finalized, come to our laboratory to attend each stage of the manufacturing of your unique scent, including the finishing steps.
Train into the world of perfume with the best professionals to discover rare and secrete facets of this noble Art. 
Travel into the world of exception, and of tailor-made perfume... inaccessible today.

We offer 

Tailor-made perfumes. 
Olfactory & formulation workshops. 
Exclusive services, such as harvest journeys, travelling to the countries where the most noble natural ingredients of your perfume formula grow...