The team dedicated to your projets

Many independent experts already joined our galaxy, thus enabling us to manage all the aspects of the product development with a real innovative vision. Throughout time and creations, other know-how and expertise will come to enrich our Fablab and give life to always innovative projects of perfumes.

- The founder, Rémi Pulvérail, dedicated to the relations with producers, perfumers & all the experts, and also to the relations with each customer, 

- The scientific director –associate- Jean Philippe Paris, dedicated to the ingredients’ innovation, to the manufacturing & the quality control: Jean-Philippe Paris, partner, 

- Our ambassador in Dubai : Naima Kalfane

- The raw material producers,

- The perfumers, 

- The creative fragrance director in charge of challenging 
perfumers during the creation process, 

- The graphic and sensory artist, Frederic Penelle, artist 
and professor at ENSAV La Cambre, Brussels, 

- The place for meeting, experimenting and selling to customers: « Le Bistro de la Beauté », in Annecy, 
founded and managed by Valerie Pulvérail, 

- The artists and designers like the Marcel Franck company 
specialized in the creation of tailor made perfume bottles.