The founder Rémi Pulverail

Trained in the Charabot Perfumery school in Grasse, Rémi Pulvérail has an almost 20 year experience in the fragrance industry, working for the major fragrance houses, and always closely and passionately in contact with the producers of the finest fragrance raw materials in the world. For the Givaudan group, he has been in charge of the natural extracts supply, and of the ethical partnership program.

Exploring the planet for more than 10 years in search of rare and extraordinary ingredients for the fragrance industry made him aware that exceptional soils, new geographical origins of some plants, natural extracts produced in limited quantities were just begging to be used. In the industrial mass production of perfumes today, there is no way to value those unusual plants or extracts find.

In the quest for those best ingredients and most beautiful scents, as in that of the best wines, every detail matters: the origin, the soil, the climate, the ingredients preparation, the extraction parameters, etc. This deep conviction gave birth to the project and commitment of Rémi Pulvérail, starting the adventure to create “a different highly qualitative perfumery”: a project of exception by the unequalled excellence of raw materials and the absolute commitment to respect natural materials,

which excludes -as a major unique particularity- any quality harmonization from one harvest into another (this being the exact opposite of the current practices, whose objective is to standardize production).

Today he proposes an alternative model of creation in Perfumery. Beyond the discoveries of special naturals for his fragrance ingredients palette, he helps his partners all over the world, to develop new exceptional natural extracts grades, and offers a laboratory of creation and manufacturing for tailor-made perfumes to independent perfumers, all over the world.

Passionate and involved in the Perfume Industry, Rémi Pulvérail knows that perfume amateurs sometimes get close to the level of professionals, by their knowledge and their extremely demanding requirements. His laboratory allows anyone, professional and amateur, to create or to ask for the creation of its own personal tailor-made fragrance: rare fragrances, limited series for brands and perfume houses, unique olfactory scent for private persons and singular life moments, personalized unique fragrances signature for institutions and companies. Sky is the limit!

...such as a Contemporary Art which ceaselessly amazes and enchants.