Our business model

An original playground for all the independent perfumers who wish to experience the perfumes’ creation in a different way, and are looking for the finest quality of ingredients.” 

“A fully integrated creation and production tool which is a turn-key solution for the brands wishing to develop small and high qualitative Perfume Limited Editions, and to promote differentiating tangible arguments.”

“A never-seen type of Atelier with a unique know-how, able to create in confidentiality any unique and tailor-made perfume, for all the amateurs of rare scents.”

“A collaborative and experimentation tool - inspired by the Fablab concept- for all the perfume industry professionals who share the project of a modern perfumery, transparent, and who dare take risks, giving priority with no doubt to the quality of the content.

Schema Fonctionnement

Producers of natural ingredients at the heart of our project

The long-term solid relationship of trust and respect with producers facilitates the processes and allows experiments at each stage, so as to achieve a common validation of the exclusive tailor-made extracts. There is no intermediary between producers and our laboratory.

The soils are of great concern to us: we share the desire to preserve and to promote the amazing olfactive diversity provided by the originality of each soil.

The producers of natural extracts are involved in our Fablab: our laboratory is their tool for experimenting. It allows them to test in reality their innovations’ options.

Wedidonlyselect100%pureandnaturalingredients,asfarasnaturalextractsareconcerned, which means the 2/3 of our palette.